How to build a digital edition web app

This series of tutorials describes one approach on how to develope a web application to publish digital editions.

edited by pandorfer

Part 3a - The Open-Proxy-Gate

This post provides an alternative solution for building data-retrieval endpoints as a reaction to the "Open-Proxy-Gate".

Part 11 - Start a new project

In the eleventh part we are taking our code base created so far and use it as a starting base for a new project.

Part 10 - A nice but generic start page

In the 10th part we are going to rework the application's start page. Our goal is to improve its appearance but keeping it still highly generic.

Part 9 - Code refactoring

In the ninth part we are going to refactor our code base a little bit so we don't have to be too much ashamed.

Part 8 - Full text search

In the eighth part we are going to build a full text search.

Part 7 - Index based Search

In the seventh part we will attack the issue of an index based search.

Part 6 - Rename the app

In this sixth part of this series of tutorials we will rename, pack and (re)deploy our current digital edition’s application.

Part 5 - Clean up the code

In the fifth part we will clean up our code base - a little bit

Part 4 - XSLT Transformation

In the fourth parth we will start with a detail view by transforming XML via XSL into HTML.

Part 3 - Table of Contents

In this third part of our series of HowTos we will upload the XML/TEI files in our database and write our first xQuery function which will generate a very basic table of content from the uploaded XML/TEI documents.

Part 2a - Getting started (old solution)

This post contains old text, describing a (deprecated) method on how to deal with html documents stored in different locations of the application's code base.

Part 2 - Getting started

In the second part of our tutorial we will install eXist-db, and create a ›plain vanilla‹ eXist-db web application using eXist-db´s in build Deployment Editor.

Part 1 - Definition and Requirements

The following series of blog posts will guide you step by step through the process of building a web application for digital editions.