How to join ACDH Mattermost

How to join ACDH Mattermost

Mattermost is a messaging platform which allows a team to communicate via thematic channels or direct messages between members, all in its own, dedicated workspace. ACDH has adopted Mattermost as its preferred way of team communication and provides a self-hosted instance as as service to its cooperation projects.

Please follow these instructions to become a member to your project’s Mattermost team:

1 Register at gitlab

ACDH Mattermost uses GitLab for authentication. Going to you can either create a new gitlab account or log in with your existing GitHub, Google, Twitter or Bitbucket credentials. Further on, you will use these credentials to access Mattermost.

2 Becoming part of the team

Announce the email-address associated with your GitLab account to your main contact at ACDH or to, naming the project / team you want to join. Our admins will then add you to the respective mattermost team.

3 Accessing Mattermost

  1. Go to or directly to your team’s address{teamname} and click on the „GitLab“ button
  2. You will be shown the GitLab login form
  3. Login with the account chosen in step 1
  4. You should be able to see the project’s workspace.

3 Download the mattermost stand-alone client

For ease of use we recommend downloading the mattermost client application at which is available for PC, Mac or Linux as well as for mobile devices.

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