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Welcome to ACDH-CH Learning Resources. This website gathers interactive learning material, practical HowTo articles and best practices on a wide range of Digital Humanities topics, methododologies and infrastructures. These resources can be used for self-guided learning as well as for teaching in higher education. It is part of our mission to actively transfer knowledge from ongoing research into the wider Digital Humanities Community as well as to educate a new generation of humanities researchers with digital methods.

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  • Tutorial for VOICE 3.0

    This tutorial explains how to navigate in and use the new VOICE 3.0 Online interface for the Vienna-Oxford International Corpus of English, developed by the VOICE CLARIAH project team and released in September 2021. The tutorial introduces the web interface, explains how to run search queries, apply filters for the creation of sub-corpora and set bookmarks. In addition, it provides short quizzes and links to short videos explaining the design and functions of the VOICE 3.0 interface.

    • Marie-Luise Pitzl
    • Stefanie Riegler
    • Ruth Osimk-Teasdale
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  • Langzeitarchivierung

    Definition des Begriffs Archivierung - Analoge vs. digitale Archivierung, mit besonderem Augenmerk auf die digitale Langzeitarchivierung - Praktische Hinweise aus der Sicht der Datenersteller*innen