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Git: a concise introduction

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11. Dezember 2023
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Git und Data management

This curriculum introduces the main concepts in git.

  1. The “Git version control via command line” post introduces basic Git commands that can be used from the command line. Understanding these commands will help you with using Git in a code editor, the git desktop and other options, like GitHub online. You will learn to:
  • be familiar with git terminology
  • be familiar with the git workflow
  • install git
  • understand essential git commands
  • use git commands in the terminal / command line.
  1. The “Git collaboration” post will help you understand how to work with git in a collaborative setting; including the use of platforms like GitHub or GitLab. You will learn to:
  • work collaboratively with git
  • create, clone and change a remote repository
  • understand the commands git fetch, git push and git pull
  • create a personal access token to use in a code editor
  1. Getting access to the data on gitlab.oeaw.ac.at is different on all three operating systems. In the “Git: VS Code” post you will learn to:
  • use code editor VS Code for working collaboratively in Git with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • track changes in VS Code
  • clone and push a remote repository from the code editor